(The appropriateness of mentioning Sri Moolamahasamsthhaana Rayaramatha)

Date : Dec 16 2021


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.


Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru, Sri Sudheendrateertharya Varaputraru  is Kamadhenu to our devotees who are Completely surrendered, strongly believed and taken the shelter of the lotus feet. Not only that Rayaru is like the Sun to the darkness of evils. The worst possible luck will simply become thin and wash away. The created fear will automatically vanish. Now when I touched my heart with my left hand I felt and came to know that our Adhidaiva Karunaalu Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru is residing my heart. So the finest things will welcome me always.


Really the praise is a feather in the cap of our Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateertharu and Vidyaadhipati  Gurushreshthha Parama Poojya Gurudeva Pandit Kesari Sri Giriyaacharyaru. Abundant students are greatly blessed owing to the Punya of Guruvaryaru. Rayaramatha Vidyapeethha is really praise worthy not only education but in all the aspects of our living and life. The nonstop ongoing meticulous developmental programmes and activities are itself a living witness.

Parama Poojya Peethhaadhipathi H. H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu celebrated the Aaradhana of our 11th pontiff H. H. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu meticulously as per the rich heritage of our Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s Saakshaat Parampara Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s Moolamahasamsthhaana Vidyamatha Mantralaya .


This itself is sufficient to describing the towering personality of H. H. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu.

I always mention in Mantralaya Series that the strata of our Rayaramatha is always glorious and acquired the Paramaanugraha of Sri Vedavyasa, Sri Narahari, Manthhaanadamakara Sri Krishna Krishnatmaka Sri MannMoolRamadevaru from Sri Vibudhendrateertharu and Sri Subudhendrateertharu

A BOON OF SRI HARISARVOTTAMA SRI VAYUJEEVOTTAMA SRI GURUMADHWARYARU With honour, pride and joy. it is a great privelge and punya to write.

The appropriateness of mentioning Sri Moolamahasamsthhaana Rayaramatha, pondered thoughts and described in Mantralaya(964).


Our heart is simply blossomed with joy and happiness in this Margashiramaasa. Very important to our Mantralaya Rayaramatha and to all the devotees of this universe. Special offerings of Pooja etc. are the main features in this Margashiramaasa. From Margashira Shukla Navami to  Phalapooj Pournima  i.e. Hostilu Hunnime Laksha Tulasee Archana to Sri Panchaukhi Praanadevaru in Gaanadhhala.Complete one week with devotion and grandeur. It is quite significant to know that that our Adhidaiva Mantralaya Prabhu Sri Raghavendrateertharu has done Anushthhaana in this holy and sacred place. Here Kulaswami Tirumala Sri Venkateshwara swami  offered Pratyaksha Darshana and Rayaru is fortunate enough to acquire the  Anugraha at the holy sannidhaana of  Sri Panchamukhi Marutiraya.

Our beloved Paramahamsa Peethhaadhipathi H. H.Sri Subudhendrateertharu celebrated the Aaradhana of H. H. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu on Margashira Shukla Dashami in Mantralaya. Our tenth pontiff  Sri Ramachandrateertharu of Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwaryaru’s  Moolamahasamsthhaana had been to Sri Rangam to participate in the debate of Dwaitha and Adwaitha. Sri Ramachandrateertharu highly impressed to the style of the debate of Sri Raghunanthabhattaru, the way in which he described with facts and figures put forth his debate on the right track along with several examples spectators simply applauded saying SAADHU SAADHU! H. H. Sri Ramachandrateertharu  simply gave his heart to this young Sscholar Sri Raghunathabbhattaru’s knowledge, imagination, logic, valid points and the Khandana and Mandana were all  systematic and quite accurate. Weighed all the pros and the cons and reached the conclusion that such a great knowledgeable scholar must be his Successor! The only the Dwaitha Peethha will cherish, nourish and flourish Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s Saakshhat Parampara and Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s  Moolamahasamsthhaana will shine at its highest. Really amazed to the extraordinary knowledge, Samachitta and Samayapragnya straight away asked  Sri Raghunathabhattaru are you willing to become my successor? Why not I am willing to ace. Came to Yergol along with the young scholar and completed the formalities of Paramahamsa named the successor as SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHARU completed the Pattaabhishekotsava on a grand scale. The happiness and the joy of H.H. Sri Ramachandrateertharu knew no bonds, greatly satisfied that Peethha is handed over to the right man and the Archana of Sri MoolaRamadevaru will be in the safe hand.Not only that Sri Ramachandrateertharu declared that Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s eleventh Paramahamsa Peethhaadhipathi Sri Vibudhendrateertharu in the thick gathering and made JAYAKAARA JAYAGHOSHA. JEEYAAT  SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHAAYA SRI MOOLARAMAARCHAA CHIRAM and became quite emotional, the devotional joy of Sri Ramachandrateertharu cnnotbe described in mere words.

Sri Vibudhendrateertharu performing  Samsthhanapooja - Sri MoolaRamadevara Pooja and with due respect and affection daily engaged in   Guruseva. At that time only from Kashi an invitation came to attend the debate of DWAITA ADWAITA! There is a tradition that such invitations were highly honored and attended. This time Sri Vibudhendrateertharu said   Guruvarya you are already tired too much due to old age! Guruvarya you need not accompany I MYSELF WILL ATTEND THE DEBATE Bless me and send me! Sri Ramachandrateertharu blessed and conveyed the Purnaanugraha of Sri MannMoolaRamadevaru in those day means of travelling were quite in adequate.  Eve then Sri Vibudhendrateertharu reahed Kashi well in time and joined the debate. A great success was awaiting to Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. All praised the extraordinary knowledge! Felicitated and received Jayapatras and several prizes conferred! Happily returned to Yergol, anious to inform the great victory to show all this and convey this good news.

Butin Yergol shocked to look at the  Brinavana of his dear guru Sri Ramachandrateertharu and Sri Vibudhendrateertharu could not control, though he is Paramahamsaryaru.  There was altogether a different picture. A new successor in his place. In those days Matha in Yergol was under the   control and the clutches of Shaanubhogashaahi - the local administrator.  Made as the successor of Shiroora Matha Sri Krishnacharyaranu and gave green signal to carry on the routine of the Matha, No legal sanyasa pradaana and Pattaabhisheka by Guru Sri Ramachandrateertharu, named as Sri Vidyannidhiteertharu, though Sri Vibudhendrateertharu was already Ashrama Jyeshthharu did not care. As the saying goes there is always a difference between the cup and lip. Deprived of Sri MoolaRamaarchaa. Performed Saashtaanga Naaskara and straight reached Ahobala and Sri Vibudhendrateertharu engaged himself in the SEVAANUSHTHHANA OF SRI NARASIMHADEVARU IN THE AHOBALA. Samarpitaru to Sri Narhari! Swami, finally Sri Narasimhadevaru appeared in the dream of Sri Vibuhendrateertharu and you will get the idol of Shodashabaahu Sri LaxmiNarasimhadevaru  while taking the holy dip in the river: Worship with devotion and you are Anugraheetaru. GO AHEAD AND PROCEED! Sri Vibudhendrateertharu as per the dream received the same! That Pratima is stiil in our Rayaramatha accepting the pooja. Thus set to Digvijaya Sanchaara. Defeated in the debate, earned name, fame and wealth. Continued the Moolamahasamsthhana as Vidyamatha – Sri Vibudhendrateerthamatha. As Sri Vibudhendrateertharu is senor in taking the Ashrama by Sri Ramachandrateertharu! We are proud to say and to mention as Moolamahasamsthaana Vidyamatha -  Sri Vibudhendrateerthamatha - Sri Vijayeendrateertharu’s Kumbhajkonam and Mantralaya Sri Rayaramatha – Sri Raghavendraswamijee’smatha.

Sri Vibudhendrateertharu continued the Moolamahasamsthhaana and Shined  enoromously by  leaps and bounds with his own EXTRAORDINARY KNOWLEDGE, SCHOLASHIP, IMAGINATION AND BHAKTI GNYANA VAIRAAGYA. Where ever he went  received Jayapatras, lands,  gold and silver. Became the pioneer of Moolamahasamsthhana Vidyamatha.  SAMSTHHAAPAKARU AADYA PRAVARTAKARU! The credit goes to SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHARU. As days went on the strong desire of Sri MoolaRamapooja  became strong and grew terribly. For the sake of this reborn in Nagalapura to the aged parents. Aparokshagnyani H. H. Sri Vyasarajaru knew this and brought to Hampi, took the charge as the parent of Vithala, became his guru taught Shastra Sachchhastra Vedopanishada and Dwaita Siddhantha. Named as Sri Vishnuteertharu. Offered Sri Vishnuteertharu to Sri Surendrateertharu, requested him to make Vishnuteertharu as his successor and name him as SRI VIJAYEENDRATEERTHARU. Sri Jitamitrateeharu reborn and became the successor of Sri Vijayeendrateertharu and named as Sri Sudheendrateertharu.  Sri Sripadarajaru the great exponent of knowledge studied under Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. Sri Vyasaarajateertharu reborn as Venkatanatha and took ashrama by Sri Sudheendrateertharu as SRI RAGHAVENDRATEERTHA GURUSARVABHOUMARU. The kind cordial relationship of Gurushishya Shishyaguru continued is highly remarkable in our Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s Saakshaat Parampara Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s Moolamahasamsthhaana  Vidyamatha Rayaramatha is a great record. All were desirous Sri MoolaRamaarchaana. The great role of Sri Surendrateertharu and our Sri Vyasarajateertharu is really unforgettable. Dear devotees of this universe I take the opportunity to mention our Vidyamatha Mantralaya Rayaramatha as Sri Moolamahasamsthhana with pleasure and feel quite proud.





Manavu Araluvadu Higgali Margashiramaasada

Vishesha Aacharane Smarisi! Ee Vaara Mantralaya Rayaramatha

Bhaktarige Atyanta Mahatvaddu! Margashira Shukla Navamiyinda

Hostilu Hunnime Phalapooji Hunnimeya Varege Pratinitya

Gaanadhaala Sri Panchamukhi Praanadevarige Vandu Saptaaha

Laksha Tulasee Archane Namma Adhidaiva Sri Raghavendrateertharu

Anushthhaana Maadida   Divya Taana! Kulaswami Sri Venkataramana

Pratyaksha Darshanattu Anugrahisida Punya Sannidhaana

Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwaryara Moolamahasamsthhaanada

Hattaneya Yativarya Sri Ramachandrateertharu Dwaita Adwaitada

Vaada Sabhegendu Sri Rangadali Bhaagavahisalu Hogiddaru

Alli Bhaagavahisida Sri Raghunathabhattara Vaada Shyali

Vishaya Mandana Khandana  Kramabaddha Granthhokti

Sahita Udaaharane Vaakdhaarege Mechchi Maaruhodaru

Toogi Nodi Intaha Medhaavi Tamma Uttaraadhikaariyaadare

Moolamahasamsthhaana Belaguvadu Nischita Yenisi

Koogi Karedu Valavina Malegaredu  Uttaraadhikaari

Aaguveyaa! Moolamahasamsthhaanakendu Aalparidaru

Vappidaru Sri Raghunathabhattaru  Sanyasa Sweekarisi

Uttaraadhikaariyaagalu Apaara Pratibhe Paanditya

Gnyanada Meru Vappiaru Sri Ramachandrateertharodane

Yergolake Bandaru Sri MoolaRamaarchaa Bhaagyake Higgidaru

Marudinave Uttaraadhikaariya Sanyasapradaana Pattaabhisheka

Prakriyegalella Jarugidavu! Ashramavittu SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHRENDU

Naamakarana Maadi Tamma Kaiyaare Sri Ramachandrateertharu

 Pattaabhishekavanu Valavinda Vaibhavadi Maadi                                 

Hamsanaamaka Paramatmana Saakshaat Parampre

Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwacharyara Hannondneya Paramahamsa

Peethhaadhipatiyendu Ghoshisi JAYAKAARA JAYAGHOSHA Maadidaru

Samsthhanapooje Sri MoolaRamadevara Pooje  Guruseveyaliruvaagale

Uttrada Kaashiyinda DWAITA ADWAITA  Vaadake Aamantrana

Guruvarya Tamma Dehaalasya Vruddhapya Taavu Kaashige

Nanna Jote Baruvadu Beda! Taavobbare Hogi Baruve

Yendu Sri Vibudhendrateertharu Guru Sri Ramachandrateertharige

Binnavisi Guru Aasheervaada Sri MoolaRamara Anugraha Hottu

Dhaavisidaru Kaashige Aaginnoo Prayaana Soukarya Sariyaagiralilla

Pravaasa Prayaasave Aagittu! Aadaroo Sakaal Talupi Vaadadali

Adbhuta Vijaya Aneka Bahumaana Jayapatra Padedu

Sanasa Sambhramadi Guruvigarpisalu Ododi Bandaru!


Aadare  Bandu Nodidare Allina Chitranave Bereyaagidditu

Sri Ramachandrateerthara Brindavana  Nodi Dukhakha Ummalisitu

Berobba Uttaraadhikaari! Yergoladali Aaga Shaanubhogashaahi

Aadalita!Shiroormathada Acharya Sri Krishnacharyaranu

Uttaraadhikaariyendu Sri Bidyanidhiteertharendu Naamakaranamaadiddaru

Guruvilla Pattaabhishekavilla! Sri Vidyanidhiteertharu

Mnduvarisidaru Mathavanu! Sri Vibudhendrateertharu Ashrama Jyeshthharu

Guru Sri Ramachandratertharinda Pattaabhishiktaraadavaraadaroo

Sri MoolaRamaarchaahaa Bhaagyadi Vanchitaraadaru

Guru Brindavanake Namisi Samachittadi Ahobala Kshetra Talupi

Seve Anushthhaanarataraadaru Bhaktiyali Samarpitaraadaru

Swami Sri Narige! Swami Swapnadwaara Tilisidaru

Shodasbaahu Sri LaxmiNarasimha Pratime Siguvadu

Nadiyali Meevaaga!nAda Padedu Munnuggu Naaniruve

Yemba Abhayavittaru!  Tamma Swanth Pratibhe

Paanditya Gnyana Vidya Vaibhavadi Sarvatra Jaya Jayapatra

Sampattu Saadhaneya PhalaAshrama Jyeshthharaadudarinda

Moolamahasamsthhana Muunduvarisidaru Belesdaru  Vidyamatha

Moolamahasamsthhana Vidyamathada SAMSTHHAAPAKARU


Sri MoolaRamaarchaa Bayake Prabalavaage Marujanma Padedu

Nagalapuradali Janisi Vithala Namadi Sri Vyasarajarali Beledu

Sri Vishnuteertharaadaru Ivarane Sri Surendrateertharige Vappisi

Tamma Uttaraadhikaariya Maadi Sri Vijayeendrateertharendu Hesarisalu

Soochisidaru! Sri Vibudhendrateertharali Sri Shreepadarajaru

Shishyavruttiya Phaladi Medghaavi Apratima Panditaraadaru

Yella Janumagalaloo Shreshthhate Saadhisida Mahamahimaru


Rudramsharu Sri Narsimha Saaligraamake Dinvoo Naivedya Unisida

Mahabhaktaru!Sri MoolaRamara Poojisalu Marujanma Sri Sudheendrateertharu

Sri Vyasarajateertharu Sri MoolaRamaarchanege Sri Raghavendra Avataara

Sri Sudheendrateerthara Shishyaru Yellavoo Sri Surendrateerthara


Jarugisidaru Poojya Peethhaadhipathi Sri Subudhendrateertharu

Madhwa Siddhanta Sri MoolaRamara Garime Hirime Antahadu!

Sri Vibudhendrateerthara Smarane Ishtella Vishaya

Vishwada Bhaktarige ViArike! Moolamahasamsthhaan.

|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||