(Sri Raghavendrateertharu’s Previous Avataaraas concern of Seva and Sri Appanacharyaru’s rebirth)

Date : Sep 15 2021


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.


Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu is engaged in the Akhanda  Japa and the Pooja and the Japa of Sarvashakta Saratra Sarvatantra Swatantra Sri Harisarvottama Sri Narahari Sri Hari Sri Vedavyasa Manthhaanadamakara Sri Kishna Krishnatmaka  Sri MoolaRamadevaru in the cave below the bhavya divya neela brindavana GUHANTARGATHARU. The divine personality of our Adhidaiva Sri Raghavendrateertharu is described by the greatest devotee is as below:

Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru’s  body is shining like a pure gold (when gold is put into the fire, all the impurities of gold are completely burnt, purest shining pure gold). The meaning is Rayaru is the purest divine chetana holding the Japmaala in the right hand and the kamandalu in the left hand. Wearing Kaashaaya vastra always in the chintana of Sri MoolaRama in the heart. The lotus feet of our Rayaru are Regarded and worshipped by H.H. Sri Yogeendrateertharu. We have to remember our Rayaru who is engaged in Akhanda Deergha Japa Tapa of Sri Harisarvottama. NOT ONLY REMEMBERING BUT THIS DIVINE PERSONALITY'S PICTURE IS TO BE PRINTED AND CARVED IN OUR HEART! WE ARE BLESSED ABUNDANTLY!

We  the devotees of our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu's of this universe offer our sincere regards to Sri Sahalaadaavataari Manvi Sri Jagannathadasaru. We are bent with gratitude and highly indebted to the greatest unforgettable contribution of SRI HARIKATHHAAMRUTA SAARA  BOOK OF ALL TIME  of Manvi Sri Jagannathadasaru.

Sri Raghavendrateertharu’s Previous Avataaraas concern of Seva and Sri Appanacharyaru’s rebirths to fulfill the desire and the manifold welfare developments are described in Mantralaya(951).


Sri Raghavendrateertharu in the Purvaavataara as  Sri Prahaladarajaru practically proved the greatness  and the Mahima of Sri Harisarvottama. The devotional ecstasy of firm faith and strong belief towards our Swami Sri Hari – Sri Narahari tested by Hiranyakashyapu. Sri Hari is too kind, loving and quite affectionate towards Sri Prahaladarajaru. Sri Aahalaada and Sri Sahalaada are the dear brothers. Owing to this Sri Hari Blessed rebirth as Sri Appanacharyaru and Sri Jagannathadasaru.  Did the Seva of our Mantralaya Rayaru and  Showered the immense Anugraha to these stalwarts of  firm faith and strong belief – ACHALA DRUDHA BHAKTI! Sri Aahaaladaavataari  Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaraagi did not satisfied with a single birth. So Swami Blessed the rebirths as  Lachamaari Benakappa, Karajagi Desai - Sri Karajagi Dasaru and Kosigi Sri Swamirayacharya as Sri GuruJagannathadasaru!KOSIGI and KOWTAL earned the name and the fame as the center of Punyakshetras. In course of time Saahaladaru took birth in  Manvi as Sri Srinivasacharyaru became Sri Jagannathadasaru. The greatest exponent of knowledge, imagination (Pratibhaa) and highly knowledgeable in Veda Shastras and Madhwashastra. They shined as the famous greatest devotees of Sri Hari Sri Vayu Sri Madhwaryaru.

Manvi Sri Srinivasacharya(Sri Jagannathadasaru) shined as Vidyalankaara. A perfect scholar  Ripened knowledge in accordance to the Sadaachaara of Acharya Sri MannMadhwaryaru. Quite efficient in Sanskrit language and a prime personality of hardcore follower of Sri Madhwasiddhanta. It reached to the great extent that speaking kannada during Madi, performing Pooja, Adhyayana and Adhyaapana will lead to Mailige(loosing of purity). Sri Vijayadasaru was the maternal uncle(SODARAMAAVA). A great Gnyani SriHaribhakta Sri Haridasaru never regarded nor loved him. Simply neglected that he is not a scholar. Ruling in the mansion of Ahankaara and Ahamike ( I, my , mine, myself) and I know all). Until and unless we did not come out of this nothing will be done. Neither we gain Swami Anugraha nor we become dear to others. Once Sri Vijayadasaru performed the Anna Santarpana in Manvi and invited the stalwart of Sudha - Ghana Paanditya - head of Vasakoota. Did not go! Though a gnyani said false reason that he is suffering from stomach pain, late food is not advisable him. Sri Vijayadasaru is an ordinary Dasaru his attending will be below the dignity! Simply neglected. Lastly Sri Vijayadasaru himself came to invite at the time of meals did not go. From that terrible stomach pain began. Vomitting and indigestion. In take of food stopped. Daily began to drink the juice of dates grinded on the Saanekallu. All the medicines proved futile. Came to Mantralaya to perform the seva and become alright. Became too weak, not able to walk. Depeneded on the Mene  to move and go. Kind Rayaru Aparoksagnyani came to know fully what had happened! ParamaKarunaamurthy Rayarau pitied to the condition. Appeared in the dream offered Darshana and advised not to afraid,  go Uttanooru and meet Sri Gopaladasaru my devotee, he will solve all your problems. Sri Gopaladasaru as per the wordings of Rayaru next day morning left Mantralaya and reached Uttanooru. After reaching Saw the temple of Sri Praanadevaru. A man was cleaning the temple, he was none but Sri Gopaladasaru. Srinivasacharya asked that person do you kindly tell me the exact land mark to go to the house of Sri Gopaladasaru. Doing the cleaning of the temple, guided properly to find the house. Sri Srinivasacharya   never mentioned that he intends to meet Sri Gopaladasaru but asked the house. So Sri Gopaladasaru guided accordingly. After a while our Sri Gopaladasaru returned home and surprised to see the person who enquired about his house. Oh! Swami you are Sri Gopaladasaru but did not say. You asked the house, I detailed. Aparokshagnyani remembered his dream:

1 Firstly Mantralaya Prabhu Sri Raghavendrateertharu informed the arrival of SriSrinivasacharya and take care.
2 Secondly his dearest guru Sri Vijayadasaru told that he is suffering from stomach pain and cure him.
3 Sri Gopaladasaru came to know that for a great noble task all these plans are well arranged by his Guru and Sri Raghavendrateertharu. Asked Sri Srinivasacharya to finish off their Bath and Aahneeka, BY THAT TIME HE WILL COMPLETE POOJA, NAIVEDYA AND HASTODAKA and take our meals. Asked his dharmapatni to serve red jawar Rotees to serve both Srinivasacharya and himself.  Srinivasacharya refused to take the meals, owing to the stomach pain and vomiting. But Sri Gopaladasaru forced to take the food and nothing will happen! Ate two jawar Rotees and said my stomach is full. NOTHING HAPPENED EVERYTHING DOIGESTED NO VOMITTING NOTHING. Slowly regained the original stamina.

Sri Srinivasacharyaru surprised to see all these things. Such miracles are done by devotion and not by knowledge. Thus understood the greatness of Dsatva Daasa Bhaava and the importance of our all the Dasavarenyarus. Manvi Sri Srinivasacharyaru simply surrendered to the lotus feet of Sri Gpaladasaru with devotion.  BHAKTI IS GREATER THAN THE KNOWLEDGE. Here we understand the importance of our Rayaru’s devotees. DEVOTEES ARE CAPABLE DOING SUCH THINGS AS RAYARU IS AT THEIR BACKALWAYS ON ALL THE 24X7.Here you may question, Srinivasacharya had come to Mantralaya and Rayaru is capable of solving the problems. Why Rayaru directed  to Uttanooru Sri Gopaladasaru rather than set righting the things  himself in Mantralaya! When the devotees are acquired this much of power, they have to be regarded properly and respected in the society. It is left to our imagination that the devotees are having this much of power means what about the immense power and the Mahima of our Adhidaiva Mantralaya Divine Saint Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. I always feel, think, believed and mention strongly that I AM A DEVOTEE OF DEVOTEES OF OUR MANTRALAYA RAYARU

Paandity Paripurna Pakva Manvi Sri Srinivasacharyararu is now altogether a different one. Understood that DASAKOOTA  IS GREATER THAN VYASAKOOTA. Devotion is possible to acquire the Karunaanugraha of Sri Hari Sri Vayu Sri Madhwacharyaru and Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru.

Sober, Satvika feelings will brighten our affection and kindness, purify our heart and mind. There is no meaning in making mere show and canvassing through pravachana and advising sitting in a corner. The socio facet  multifarious and manifold programmes which are useful to enhance the welfare of the society at large is welcomed and embraced by all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation, gender and age of this universe. Sri Raghavendrateertharu did this great  Miracle of Sri Jagannathadasaru through Sri Vijayadasaru and Sri Gopaladasaru. SRI HARIKATHHAMRUTA SAARA has to be written by this exponent and at the same time, the cream of Dasatva Daasa Saahitya and Dasakoota are described and upheld meticulously. The environment of the Tungabdra bank is quite calm and serene. In Mantralaya the sacred remembrances of Sri Narasimhadevaru and Paramabhaagavatottama Sri Prahaladaru, Ahobala  Uttanooru, Rajavalli, Gaanadhaalu, Manvi, Cheekalaparavi, Sanjeevarayaragudda,  Dasakoota Dasasahitya  are quite attractive.The great sacrifice of  Uttanooru Sri Gopaladasaru is remembered as long as the Sun and the Moon are shing in the sky.

Our beloved Peethhhadhipathi of Mantralaya Rayaramatha H. H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu’s noble, unforgettable contribution of harmonization of  Vyasakoota Dasakoota is really praise worthy. Swamiji Sri Subudhendrateertharu even in purvashrama worked for this great cause and is successful in all the endeavors by the Anugraha of Sri Raghavendrateertharu. In Mantralaya Rayaramatha we are amazed to look at the DAASAPEETHHA. Several activities through out the year by the devotees the Anusandhaana of SRIHARISARVOTTAMATVA and SRI VAYU JEEVOTTAMATVA is at its superb and supreme. Our Kulaguru Acharya Sri Anandateertha Bhagavatpaadacharyaru is quite satisfied and contented to the efforts of Rayaramatha and the socio facet manifold activities, thus the Manukuloddhaara - the goal of human welfare agenda is successful. Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateertha Shreepaadangalavaru meticulously engaged always in this noble work. Mantralaya Rayaru’s  Parambhaktaru is our Sri Jagannathadasaru! In the beginning Rayaru interacted openly with Sri Jagannathadasaru, when it became public Rayaru stopped this and continued in dreams. Rayaru never liked the popularity of His Divine Power. For the sake of this Rayaru is in the invisible to us, residing in the cave GUHAANTARGATHARU!

Sri Jagannathadasaru attained the lotus feet of Sri Hari on Bhadrapada Shukla Navami. The charama shloka:


The Creation of Universal  welfare is the greatest noble task of our Dasashaahitya  Dasakoota and Dasapeethha are the main features of our Mantralaya Rayaramatha are really praise worthy.





Sri Raghavendrateertharu Purvaavataaradali Sri Prahaladarajaru

Sri HariyaParamabhaktaru Aaptaru Ivara Sodarare Sri Aahalaadaru

Sri Sahalaadaru  Apaara Bhatruprema Bhakti Gouravaullavau

Adakaagi Punaravataara Needi Sri Hari Anugraha Aasheervaadada



Sri Aahaalada Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaraagi Avataara

MundeKela Varsha Sariyalu Saahaladaru  Manvi Sri Srinivasacharyara

Avataara Sri Jagannathadasaru! Appanaru Sri Jagannathadasaru


Adaraloo Sri Appanacharyaru Rayara Seve Vandu Janumadali

Saakaagalillavo Truptiyanu Needalillavo Yeno Mattoo Bayasidaru

Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu Adanoo Neraverisidaru

Lachamari Sri Benakappa  Karajagidasaru Kosigi Sri Swamirayacharya

Sri GuruJagannathadasaravataara Anugrahisidaru Rayaru!

Manvi Sri Srinivasacharya(Sri Jagannathadasaru) Vidyalankaara

Vidya Pakva Paanditya Proudhimeya Susamskruta Sanskrit Muttsaddi

Vyasapeethha Vyasakoota Harikaararu Ashte Kadutara Sadaachaarigalu

Sri Madhwashastragnyaru! Sanskrit Bhaashaa Paandity


Kannada Madiyaliddaaga Maatanaadidare Mailige

YembaBhaava Beroori Ahamikeya Aramaneyali Viraajamaanaru

Manviya Sri Srinivasacharyaru! Sri Vijayadasara Vandu Nindaa Kaaranadi

Udaranovu Vaasiyaagade Kittu Tinditu Oushadha Kashaaya Nishprayojaavayetu

Kandi Kundi Kalegettu  Bandaru Mantralayake

Rayara Sevege Meneyali Kulitu Hoguvashtu Ashaktate


Mantralayadali Rayara Sevaa  Pradakshine Namaskara

SankalpaBaddharu Valavinda Nishthheyali!


ParamaKarunaamurthy Rayara Manakaragi Darshanavittu

Helidaru Bhayapadabeda Uttanoorige Hogi Sri Gopaladasaranu

KaanaluAadeshisidaru Srinivasacharyaru Beligge Yeddu

Uttanoorige Horadalu Sannaddharu! Talupidaru Allina

Sri Praanadevara Gudiyali Kasagudisutiruva Vyaktiyanu Kelidaru

KasagudisuvaVyaktiye Sri Gopaladasaru! Sri Gopaladasara

Mane Yelli Yendu Avarane Kelidaru Sri Srinivasacharyaru

Daariya Heli Maneya Akkapakkada Gurutanella Hele  Haageye

Hogi Talupidaru Maneya! Kela Nimishadale Sri Dasara Aagamana

Maneya Kelida Vyaktiya Kandu Dangaadaru!  Aparokshagnyani

Sri Gopaladasarige Yellavoo Arthhavayetu! Guru Sri Vijayadasaru

Swapnadali Heliddu Rayaroo Heliddoo Suviditavaayetu!

Sri Gopaladasaranu Kandu GalibiligonduYenu Swami

Taave Gopaladasaru Yendu Helalillaveke? Yenalu



Dasara Saduttarake Beragaadaru Sri Srinivasacharyaru Yeradu Yele Haaki

Snaanaahneeka Pooraisi Banni  Ashtarali Pooje Naivedya Hastodaka

Aaguvadu Bhojanake Siddharaagona Dasaru Madadige Helidaru

4 Kenjolada Rottiya Hechchige Maadalu!

Yeradu Yele Haaki Acharyaru Dasaroo Ibbaroo Kulitaru

Acharyaru Uoota Beda Udara Shoole Vaanthi

Uttatti Rasa Paana Ashte Yendaru!  Adirali Uootake Koodisi

Kenjola Rotti Palle Chatni Badisalu Shurumaadi Uoota

Yendu TaavooKulitaru Sri Gopaladasaru! Tinisidaru Yeradu Rottiya

Yenoo Aagalla Yendaru Hotte Tumbitu Saakendaru

Andu Undaddu Jeernavayetu! Hotte Novilla Vaanthiyoo Illa

Sri Srinivasacharyaru Bhakti Gouravaadaradi Vandisidaru


Illi Rayaru Taave Gunapadisabhudaagittu Aadare Tamma

VYKTAPADISIDARU Bhaktarale Ishtiralu Innu Rayara Garime Mahime

Adeshtu Yettaramattaddu Yemba Uoohaalokake Nammane Talluva


Manvi Sri Srinivasacharyaradaagina Baduke Bere Alli Paanditya

Pratibhe Gnyanada Pakvate Ashte! Aadare Dasaraadaagina

Soumyate Shuddhate Bhaktiya Aavirbhaavave Bere!

Acharyaru Sri Jagannathadasaraadudu Sri Hariya Sankalpa

Vyasakootada Meru Sri Srinivasacharyaru Vyasakootakinthaloo

Daasakootada Hirime Mahime Kandundaru Mantralayadali

Mantralaya AasuPaasina Uttanoorali! Vishala Bhaktiya Harahinali

Vandaagi Jagannathavithalaankitadi Shreshthha Daasa

Manvi Sri Jagannathadasaraadudu Ygaella SRI HARIKATHHAAMRUTASAARA

Udayake Purvabhaavi Ranga Sajjike Siddhagolisida

Sri Hari Sri Vayu Sri Madhwara Sadaashaya Saakaaravayetu!


CheekalaParavi  ManviLingasuguru Surapuradaloo Manemaaditu

Khyaati Prakhyaati Nijakoo! Mantralaya Rayaramathada Mechchina

Peethhaadhipathi H. H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu Vyasakoota Dasakoota

Iveraradara Shreya Souhaarda Samanvaya Punaruthhaana


Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateertha Shreepaadangalavarinda!

Mantralaya Rayara Parambhaktaru Manvi  Sri Jagannathadasaru

Dinavoo Darshana aSmbhaashane Idu Prachaaragoluva Samayake

Rayaru Swapnakashte Seemithgolisidaru Sri Jagannathadasarige

Rayara Kurita Pada Keertana Rachane Kannada Laalityake

Maaruhodaru Sri Jagannathadasaru! Sri Hamsanaamaka

Paramatmana Saakshaat Parampare Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwaryaaara

Moolamahasamsthhaana Vidyamatha Mantralaya Rayaramatha

Dasakoota Vyasakoota Vandarolagondu Samanjasa Samanvaya

Nijakoo Draakshhapaaka!

Manvi Sri Jagannathadasara Bhaadrapada Shukla Navamiyandu

Punya Tithhi Gourava Samarpane Sri Haripaada Samarpitaru Leenaru

Manvi Sri Jagannathaasru:



Mantralaya Manvi Cheekalaparaajavi Illella Dasara Smarane

Gouravaadara Dasa Saahityada Pratidhwani Rnganagunita

Nijakoo Apaara! Aparampaara! DASAPADA VYAAPTI OUDAARYA

Vishwada Bhaktara Jaati Mata Desha Linga Vayobhedavanenisade

Aadaradi Swaagatisi Yedegavichi Valavu Toruva Vaatsalya



Vishwada Manujara Hitachintane Chirantate

Ditavaagiyoo  Chetohaari Vishwada Mantralaya Rayara Bhaktare.

The Creation of Universal  welfare is the greatest noble task of our Dasashaahitya  Dasakoota and Dasapeethha are the main features of our Mantralaya Rayaramatha are really praise worthy.

|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||