(H. H. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu’s Janmaashtottara Centenary Celebration)

Date : Feb 9, 2019


Dear Devotees: Namaskara.

It is a great matter of prestige and honour that we are celebrating the 50th years Aradhana Mahotsava- The Golden Jubilee Celebration and the Janma Ashtottara Shatamanotsava of  Parama Poojya Guruvarya Sri Sujayeendrateertharu – Mahaan Shilpi the architect of Mantralaya, the 52nd Pontiff from  our Sacered Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma and the 37th Pontiff from Sri Raghavendrateertharu of our great holy Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s Moolamahasamsthhaana Sri Raghavendraswamiji’s Vidyamatha Mantralaya Rayaramatha


Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Prabho kindly inspire me that I should always be interested in the seva of your lotus feet. I am a devotee of devotees. My mind and heart are to be engaged in your NaamaJapa and in the noble thinking of your immense welfare qualities and also of your divine personality. This is my humble prayer.

H. H. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu’s Janmaashtottara Centenary Celebration - the Golden Jubilee Utsava and the Miracle of Rayaru and the Paramaanugraha are described in Mantralaya(815).


Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateertharu the 52nd Swamiji from Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s  Saakshaat  Parampara of and the 37th Paramahamsaru from Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s Moolamahasamsthhaana Sri Raghavendrateertha Swamiji’s Vidyamatha  Matha Mantralaya Rayara Matha. Holy and sacred Paramamasarya Peethhaadhipati Praatahasmaraneeyaru - Rayara Vamshajaru. Kind and noble with abundant creative ability.  Paramabhaktaru Aaptaru Priyaru of our Mantralaya Rayaru  of Goutamagotra. To offer the greatest seva and to spread the name of Rayaru and the fame of Mantralaya only Manchalemma and Rayaru welcomed this noble, able and kind hearted divine chetana from Nanjanagud.

Parama Poojya Sri Suyameendrateertharu the 36th. Pontiff decided that Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru is the right and the proper man to be the administrator – dharmaadhikaari and the sarvaadhikaari of our Mantralaya Rayara Matha. On that day only decided that Sri Suyameendrateertharu decided that this extraordinary qualities Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru is the able and the fit to become His successor. Our 31st  Yativarya Sri Sukrateendrateertharu and the 32nd Yativaryaru of Rayara Matha -  Sri SuSusheelendrateertharu’s  Poorvashrama younger brother sober sajjana sadaachari  satvika Sri Sugnyanendracharyaru was the father of  Sri Sujayeendrateertharu and Sri Laxmibai was the mother, the sister of H. H. Sri Suvrateendrateertharu the 35th sawmiji of our Vidyamatha Mantralaya Rayaramatha.  Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru was the poorvaashrama name. A great scholar of Chaturveda, Vedanta,  Sachchastra, Vyaakarana – Grammar and   Tarka – logic. A profound scholar with extraordinary imagination  Pratibhaapurnaru !  No one can excel in thsese qualities to our Parama Poojya Sujayeendrateertharau.

In the year 1960 took Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru took the charge of Rayara Matha Vidya Matha Mantralaya Matha Dharmaadhikari Administrator - Sarvaadhikari  of  Varamantralaya at the  Rayara Divya sannidhaana. Devi Manchalemma and Sri Raghavendrateertharu warmly welcomed and Blessed abundantly ! Became popular and famous as ACHARYAU. Took the sankalpa for the developmental activities in Mantralaya. Started the work phases by phases on top priority. The scene of Mantralaya at that time was altogether a different one. We are amazed to look at the today’s Mantralaya. Knowing the dire situation decided to reside in Mantralaya on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra. Laid the strong  foundation for developmental works in the interest of all the devotees. Work began on war footing style. Came to know the need of the rooms for the visitors and the sankalpa sevaarthhees. So built and made available the rooms of Rayamatha. Worked hard and created financial stability first. Made cottages. Sumptuous food for all the devotees.

Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru without caring the hot sun, cold and rain taking severa rounds from Choultry to Matha  and Matha to choultry. Mysef  Pratyakshadarshi witness for all this. I was 17 years old in those days. Studying in B.A. At that time only  took the facility of Electricity from the Tungabhadra dam – our Rayaramatha Mantralaya was the first to get this facility.  Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru  for the convenient of Darshana of Rayaru’s and Sri Vadeendrateertharu’s Moola Brindavana provided the focus lights. This is really unforgettable -Chirasmaraneeya!  The meticulous arrangements of  our Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru  Matha Chhatra Archana Seva Utsavas Hastodaka Mahamangalarati and Annasantarpana appeared like NA BHOOTO NA BHAVISHYATI.  We cannot forget !

Sri Acharyara Shrama Avismaraneeya !

Took the Peethhaadhipati  even then Parama Pooja Sri Sujayeendrateertharu personally looking the matters with interest and zeal. Then only Swamiji was satisfied. Apart from all this the cordial kind attachment and relations were highly praise worthy. Swamiji calling the head cook Subbanna prepared well, continue the same.  Friendly with the staff of the matha and with all the archakas.  Calling the archakas of Sri Vadeendrateertharu as Seenu to Sri Srinivasacharya and his son Sri Vajeendracharya as Vaaji. Swamiji used to call Sri Praanadevaru’s  Archaka Sri Krishnacharya as  Kitti.  Our Parama Poojya Peethhaadhipati Sri Sujayeendrateertharu showered that much of intimacy, love and affect. Swamiji’s extraordinary logical argument, presenting the relevant documents and records,  kind good self and nobility solved several pending cases which were in the Andhra government at that time. The credit of attainment of financial stability of our Mantralaya Rayaramatha goes to H. H. Sri Sujayeendrateertha Paramsashreshthharu. The day on which our Swamiji stepped in Mantralaya was really Amruta Muhurta.

Remembered the devotees name and calling with affection when ever the visited Mantralaya. I am highly fortunate enough to see our Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateertharu to take Mudra and Phala Mantrakshate. While giving Mudra swamiji will made the touch of Mudra danda to the wet cloth and then only give. That much of kind heart. Always  saying that the mere touch is sufficient and enough !  Our Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateerharu whole hearted Anugraha to me are nothing but the Boon. Lucky enough that Swamiji  with blessings offered me RAYARU’S  SARVASIDDHI YANTRA. That is in my Yagnopaveeta since 57 years. That is the Raksha Kavacha of our Mantralaya Rayaru imparting success and happiness in life and the symbol of Paramaanugraha of   H. H. S Sri Sujayeendrateertha Guruvaryaru a;lways. Now I wish to share a great Miracle of Rayaru to our Sri Sujayeendrateertharu. Swamiji decided to celebrate the 300 years Aradhana Mahotsava. So checked the stock in the store for the regular use and the reserve stock. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu always took care to have 1000 bags of fine rice and 500 bags of Tuvar Daal. Then only satisfied. Everything was sumptuous. But felt the shortage of Sandalwood logs to extract the Sandal – Gandha. Only a week is left. So straight Swamiji came to the  Sannidhaana of our Rayaru. Prayed Rayaru to solve this problem of dire need of sandal wood.

To our great surprise on the third day early in the morning a truck fully loaded with sandalwood logs came to Mantralaya Rayaramatha. The news reached to Swamiji. Soon the truck personnel came and asked Buddhi where should I unload all these sandalwood logs, please show me the place. The devotee said to Swamiji that Sri Raghavendrateertharu appeared in the dream and ordered to supply the sandal wood logs urgently. So I accompanied the truck and reached Mantralaya. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu amazed to hear and see the sandalwood logs. Tears rolled on the cheeks. Oh! Guryrayare how kind you are !b listened my prayer and soon supplied. Parama Karuni Sri Sujayeendrateertharu is really a great

SIDDHA SANKALPARU  !  BHAKTAANUGRAHA PREMIGALU. Rayaru’s wordings that for the sake of the devotees I am in Mantralaya.  Swamiji practically proved.

Rayaru Bhakutarigaagi Naanirutiruve Mantralayadali Illi

The developmental works started by H. H. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu are still continued even today. Peethhadhipati H. H. Sri Sushameendrateertharu, H. H. Sri Suyateendrateertharu meticulously did and our present Peethhaadhipatib H. H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu still continued manifold developments Shilamantapa, Suvarna Gopura, Silver main doors, Vidyamatha Paathhashaala Gurukula etc. are still ongoing developmental programmes are the main features of our Mantralaya Rayaramatha. These are for the sake of the benefits of our devotees. We are now witnessing the Golden Age of our Mantralaya Rayaramatha.

Bhakutara Saluvaagi Hitakaagi Anugrahakaagi Horatu
Swaarthhada Lavaleshavintilla

Today Mantralaya is Nandanavana and Indradeva’s Amaraavati. Lucky we are !   Parama Poojya Peethhaadhipati  Sri Subudhendrateertharu’s  Purvashrama Pitamaharu Parama Poojya

Sri Sujayeendrateertharu !  This is the arrangement and the Sankalpa of Sri Rayaru to blossom the welfare of our devotees.

Bhakutara Bhaagya Belagisalu EE YELLA YERPAADU






Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateertharu Sri Hamsanaamaka

Paramatmana Saakshaat Parampare Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyara

Moolamahasamsthhaana Sri Raghavendrateertha Swamigalavara Matha

Vidyamatha Mantralaya Rayara Mathada 37 neya Paramahamsaryaru

Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramtmaninda 52 neya Paramahamsaru

Praatahasmaraneeyaru Karunamurtygalu Rayara Vamshajaru

Rayara Paramabhaktaru Aaptaru Priyaru! Goutamagotrada  Mantralaya

Rayara Yasha Keerti Belagisalu Banda Divyachetanaru! Rayara Mathada

31 neya Yativarya Sri Sukrateendrateerthara 32 Neya Yati Sru Susheelendrateerthara

Poorvashrama Kiriya Sodara Sri Sugnyanendracharyara Putrare Sri Sujayeendrateertharu

Poorvashrama Naama Sri Venkata Raghavendracharyaru Taayi Laxmibai

Acharya Sri Madhwarinda Rayaramathada 35neya Yaivarya Sri Suvrateendrateerthara

Sodari ! Sajjana Satvika Sadaachaara Punya Dampatigala Punyagarbhadali

Janisida Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru Gnyani Paanditya Proudhime

Pratibhaapurnaru ! Tarkashastra (Logic)dali  Parama Poojya Sujayeendrateerthara

Sarimigilu Sarisaati Mattobbariralilla Yendare Atishayoktiyaagadu!

36 neya yativarya Sri Suyameendrateertharu Sri Venkatarahavendracharyara

Ghana yogyate kratushakti Saamarthhya Tilidu Rayaramathake Tamma

Uttaraadhikaari Ivare Yendu Manadali Sankalpisidaru

1960 neya Isaviyali Poojya Sri Suyameendrateertharu Rayara Matha

Vidya Matha Mantralaya Mathake Dharmaadhikari Aadalitaadhikari

Sarvaadhikari Yendu Nemisi Kalisidaru Rayara Divya sannidhaana

VaraMantralaya Kshetrake Sri Venkataraghavendracharyara

Devi Manchalemma Sri Raghavendrateertharu Aadaradi Swagatisi

Harasidaru Bahuvaagi ! ACHARYA rende Khyaataraadaru Prakhyaataraadaru

Mantralayada Abhivruddhige Baddhakankanaraadaru

Aadyateya Merege Hanta Hantada Karya Shuryvayetu  Bharadinda


Aagina Mantralayada Chitrave Bere Eegina Chitranake

Sthhitigatiyanaritu Nelenintaru Tungabhadreya Dadada

Mantralayadali! Bhadra Bunaadige Naandiyanu Haadi Yuddhabhara

War footing style Bhaktara Anukoolakaagi Mathada Chhatragalu

Vasatige Taleyetti Nintavu Sankalpa sevaarthhigala Vaasayogya Kothhadi

Cottage Nirmaana Tvaritadali Shuruvayetu ! Mantralaya Rayara Mathadali

Baruva Sakala Bhatarige Samruddha Sugraasa Bhojana Vyavasthheya Yerpaadu

Sri Venkataraghavendracharyare Mathadinda Chhatrake Chhatradinda Mathake

Bisilu Male Chali Lekkisade Odaaduvadanu Nodida Pratyakshadarshi Naanu

Aaga Taane Tungabhadra damninda  Vidyut Pooraike Aarambhavaagalu

Mantralayake Vidyutshaktiya  Padedu Rayara Moola Brindavana

Darushana Bhaktarige Spashta Samarpakategaagi Focus light Alavadike

Chirasmaraneeya! Naanaaga B.A. Odutalidde

Matha Chhatra Pooje Hastodaka Mahamangalarati Annasantarpane

Sakalavanoo Achchukattaagi Samruddhi Samruddhi Santruptigaagi

Acharyara Sri Venkataraghavendracharyara Kalakali Apaara

Sri Acharyara Shrama Avismaraneeya !

Pratiyondanoo Taave Swataha Pariveekshisidaagale Trupti Samaadhaana !

Idellakoo Migilaagi Mathada Sakala Archaka Sibbandiyondige

Aatmeeya Vadnaata Sri Vadeendrateerthara Archaka Sri Srinivasacharyarige

SHEENI  Avara Putra Sri Vajendracharyarige  VAAJI Yendu

Sri Praanadevara Archaka Sri Krishnacharyarige KITTI Yendu Valavinda Kareyuta

 Aatmeeyate Mereda Mahan Chetanaru Namma Mechchina Acharya

SRI VENKATARAGHAVENDRACHARYARU ! 1963 rali Paramahamsa Peethha

Alankarisi Sri Sujayeendrateertharaada Meloo Ee Kalakali Antahakarana

Aatmeeya Munduvaridu Yellara Achchumechchaadaru


Andhra Sarakaaradali Mathake Sambandhisida Halavaaru Vyajyagalanu

Tamma Samarthha Daksha Netratvadali Taave Swataha Hogi Kandu

Bageharisida Keerti Sri Sujayeendrateertharige Sampurna Salluvadu !

Poojyara Maatu Vivarane Daakhale Gamanisi Andhra Sarakaara

Beragaagi Taledoogi Sharanaagi Vappi Hogali Samakramagolisidaru

Sri Raghavendrateertharante Udaari Karuni Premamayi

SARVARA MECHCHUGE !  Sri Venkataraghavendracharyaru Acharyaraagi

Mantralayake Banda Nijakoo Amruta Muhoorta !  Manchalemma Rayaru

Abhivruddhi Bayasi Kareyisidaru Poojyaranu !

Ee Avadhiyali Mantralayake Hogi Bandu Pratyaksha Darshana

Aasheervaada Phalamantrakshate Padeda Dhanyateyali

BAAGIRUVE BHAKTIYALI  !   Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateerharu

Harasi Aasheervadisi Anugarhisida RAYARA SARVASIDDHI YANTRA

57 varushagalaadaroo Nanna Janivaaradali Indigoo Raksakavachavaagi

Sri Rayara Sri Sujayeendrateerthara Paramaanugraha Snketavaagi

Badukinali Yashogeeteyanu Bhaktiyali Maardanisutide Nijakoo!


Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateerthara Mahime Bhakti Appara!



Yellavoo Samruddhavaagihudu ! Poojyaru Sadaa 1000 Cheela Sannakki

200 CHEELAN Togaribele Reserve stock Iddaagale Poojyarige Nemmadi

Yellavoo Samarpaka Aadare Gandhada Koradina Korate Kandubantu

Chintisi Nera Rayara Sannidhaanake Kevala Vandu vaara ulidihudu





Yeradu Dina kaledu Mooraneya Dinave Shreegandhada Tumbida

Truck Mantralaya Mathada Munde Pratyaksha ! Ee Suddi Tilida

Shreegalavarige Talupe Aananda Aascharya Rayara Karune Nenedu

Kannu Tevagondavu ! Karesidaru Truckinavaranella

Bhaktaru Helidaru Mooru Dinagala Hinde Rayaru Swapnadali

Bandu Helidaru Shreegandha Koradu Sarbaraju Maadalu

Adakaagi Tandiruve YEELI ILISALI BUDDHI Yendu Vinayadi Kelida

Poojyara Anandake Paarave Illa !  Kanneeru Dhaarakaara

Karuni Arikemaadi Praarthhisuvade Tada ! Yellavanoo Tarisihirendu

Kondaadi Rayarige Bhakti Paraakaashthheyinda Rayarige

Sampurna Samarpitaraadaru! Parama Karuni Sri Sujayeendrateertharu


Rayaru Bhakutarigaagi Naanirutiruve Mantralayadali Illi


Andu Poojyaru Aarambhisida Abhivruddhi Kaarya Indigoo Jarugutide

Bhakutara Saluvaagi Hitakaagi Anugrahakaagi Horatu

Yaava Swaarthhavoo Lavaleshavinitilla !

Bhakutarigaagi Mantralayadali Abhivruddhi Soulabhya


NAAVE DHANYARU !  Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateerthara Purvashrama

Pitamaharu Parama Poojya Sri Sujayeendrateertharu ! Sri Rayara Sankalpa

Bhakutara Bhaagya Belagisalu EE YELLA YERPAADU

|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||