(Sri JitamitraTeertharu)

Date : Jan 18, 2024


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||


Aradhana of Sri JitamitraTeertharu and his greatness is described in Mantralaya (1073).


On January 11, 2023, Sri SubhudendraTeertharu joyously observed the Aradhana of Sri JitamitraTeertharu. Commemorating this auspicious occasion, H.H. Sri Swamiji graced the sacred grounds of Sri Kshetra Jitamitra Gadde, offering his reverential homage to Sri Jitamitra Teertharu. A grand procession welcomed Sri Swamiji, with a multitude of devotees joining the celebratory gathering.

Amidst the divine atmosphere, H.H. Sri Swamiji bestowed blessings upon the gathered devotees through Mudradharane, Phalamantrakshate, and Anugraha Sandesha. Sri Subhudendra Teertharu, infused with deep devotion, conducted the Aradhana ceremony of Sri Jitamitra Teertharu, marking the occasion with sacred rituals and heartfelt prayers.

Who exactly is Sri JitamitraTeertharu? While I had initially intended to provide an elaborate description of Jitamitra Teertharu, my perspective changed after reading my father's article, authored by Sri Raghavendra Patwari. Recognizing the depth and justice he brought to the portrayal of Sri Jitamitra Teertharu, I have chosen to republish Sri Raghavendra Patwari's article as it captures the essence of Sri Jitamitra Teertharu more comprehensively than I could achieve. Here is the article from Sri Raghavendra Patwari about Sri JitamitraTeertharu.

Our Paramahamsas are Daivee Chetanas. Daivamsha Sambhootaru. We are highly fortunate to have such Gurus.The Acharya Parampara Dandaka of eight lines is superb and quite thrilling.

Sri Madhwam Padmanabham Narahari Munipam Madhava Akshobhyateerthow
Vande Sri Mat Jayaryam Munivaram Athha Vidyadhirajam Kaveendram
Vageesham Ramachandram Shrutaguna Vibudhendram Jitamitravaryam
RakshaaShiskaikaDakshow Raghuntanaya Surendrow Jayeendram Sudheendram
Shreshthham Sri Raghavendram Sakalagunanidhi Dheera Yogeendram
Soorindram Sadgunaadhyam Raghupati Charana Dhyaana Dhootaghasangham
Sri RamaVyasaPoojaa AmitaMati Sumateendraabhidanam Samyameendram
Bhaktya Prastoum Upendram Guruvaramapi Proudha Vadeendra Varyam

The 12th. Pontiff of our Sri ManMadhwacharyaryu’s Moola Mahasamsthhaana is our great Sri Jitamitrateertharu, Rudramsha Sambhootaru. Sri Jitamitrateertharu took Avatara in Vishwamitra Gotra, Shanubhog family, the poorvashrama name was Anantappa. Shivapura a small village in Yadgir district, taluka Shahapur.  Shivapura is about 150 kilomateres from Gulbarga. Though His Upanayana took place at the age of eight years, owing to the curse, though Rudramsharu did not perform Sandhyavandana etc. and never applied his mind and heart for studies.

Once during the Sanchara Sri Vibudhendrateertharu came to Shivapura from Aggihala.  Aparokshagnyani Sri Vibudhendrateertharu took pity on Anantappa about the curse for this great Daivee Chetana. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu is surprised to see Anantappa moving with Govatsa in Shivapura. Asked where is your Yagnyopaveeta ? I have left it in the house and at the time of meals I wear Janivaara ! Do not know how to chant the Mantras  Shlokas and to  perform Sandhyavandana. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu with affection said, Shall I teach you daily! Anatappa replied yes. Please teach me I will learn, follow your advise. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu lived in Shivapura in the house of Anantappa for months together and taught him right from Sandhayavandana to complete Pooja Vidhi Vidhaana, Sadachara of Sri Acharya Madhwaru and the Sudha of Sri Jayateerthavaryaru. Well versed with the knowledge of our Dwaita Philosophy. Within a short span of time Anantappa learnt everything and became a Gnyani by the Anugraha of  his dear Guru. Now Sri Vibudhendrateertharu confirmed that the curse period of Anantappa  Rudramsha Chetana is over. Highly satisfied to see His dear Shishya Anantappa. Said look here, I will now continue my Sanchara tour of Madhwa Sanchaara, will come again to Shivapura and meet you ! Till then you perform the Pooja, Alankara, Naivedya and Mangalarati to Sri Narasimha Saligraama with devotion.

From the next day Sri Jitamitrateertharu  resumed the routine of  Pooja as per the advice of his dear Guru Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. Anantappa prepared rice for Naivedya himself. After Pooja Anantappa offered the Naivedya to Sri Narasimhadevaru. But the Saligraama did not eat. Prayed with several ways and means, but in vain. At last Anantappa took out a weapon which was in the corner of his house and ready to cut off his neck. Now Saligraama opened the mouth. Anantappa went on feeding, the whole Naivedya Swami ate the rice, accepted happily. This continued daily. The happiness of our Shivapura Anantappa knew no bonds ! Now the divine routine of  Anatappa after the Upadesha of Sri Vibudhendrateertharu was highly memorable. After the Pooja in the house Antappa spent most of his time on the sacred bank of Sangama. Sangama is a holy place where Krishna and Bheema join together. Shivapura is situated on this holy bank of Sangama. There is a temple Shiva temple, very old. It is heartening to know that Anatappa was teaching his fellow mates and the residents of the neighboring village of Shivapura in this temple only. Shiva Temple is facing to the Sangama. Remote place. Immense and profound silence we find here. Very calm and convenient for Japa Tapa Dhyaana and Paathha Pravachana. This Sangama Shiva Temple and the bank of Krishna and Bheema became very dear to Anantappa.

Sri Vbudhendrateertharu  returned from Madhwa Sanchara and came to Shivapura. Really felt happy to notice the great change in Anantappa. Guruvarya I am doing as per your Upadesha and practically following it. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu said come on let me see the style of Pooja. As usual performed the pooja with great devotion. Now the time for Naivedya Samarpane ! Anantappa took the rice and tried to feed to the Saligraama, but Sri Narasimha Saligraama did not open the mouth. Then Anatappa prayed a lot and said that what all you were accepting Naivedya I have told to my Guru, that is all proved false for not accepting. Is it the way to behave with your devotees? If it is so ! I will die here only in front of you ! Then Sri Narasimha Saligraama opened the mouth. Anantappa fed the all the Naivedya rice to Swami. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu practically witnessed this divine scene, thrilled with devotion. Amazed to see the Aparokshagnyana Bhakti Gnyana Vairaagya of his dear Shishya Anantappa. Confirmed that Anantappa is not an ordinary man. He is Avatara Chetana. Born for a noble cause. Decided that his dear Shishya  Anantappa is fit to become his successor and continue the Paramahamsa Peethha of Sri Moola  Maha Samsthhana of Sri ManMadhwacharyaru. Readily agreed to the decision of Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. In Shivapura in the house of Anantappa only the sworn in Ceremony as Paramhamsaru. Named as SRI  JITAMITRATEERTHARU, the 12th. Paramahamsaru. Offered Sanyasa and handed over the charge of the Peethha and detailed  all the property acquired and offered by the Kings of Vijayanagara. At lastso said that He Strongly Desired to Perform the Pooja of Sri MoolaRama, but could not ! At least the coming Paramahamsas should avail the fortune of worshipping. With these kind words Blessed Sri Jitamitrateertharu with affection and moved towards the bank of Tamraparni Tirunelavelli.

Dear devotees the Sangama of Krishna and Bheema is so sacred and holy like Prayag. Here we find an island type place, the forceful flow of Krishna is always Chanting Chanting SRI HARISARVOTTAMA  SRI  VAYUJEEVOTTAMA. There is an old tree we find now. It was existing since the days of Sri Jitamitrateertharu. That tree is called as GNYANAVRUKSHA (GUM TREE). Sri Jitamitrateertharu liked this tree too much. Always spent the leisure happily in Japa and also in Paathha to the students and the sajjanas of Shivapura. Sri Jitamitrateertharu is not in house means he should be at the island of Sangama now it is popularly called as JITAMITRAGAADE or in the Shiva Temple facing to the Sangama.  It is very important and quite amazing  to know that when our 12th. Paramahamsaru  Sri Jitamitrateertharu was performing Paathha Pravachana daily a Jangama used to come and attend the Paathha with great interest. That Jangama was none but SRI RUDRADEVARU.

Days went on as usual one day some how Sri Jitamitrateertharu thought of his successor and chose Sri Ramachandracharya and decided that he is fit to hold  and continue the Parampara of Paramahamsa. Named Ramachandracharya as Sri Raghunandanateertharu very able and noble Swamiji of our Vidya Mutt and told the strong desire and the  wordings of his Guruvarya Sri Vibudhendrateertharu and also his intention that the future Paramahamsas should get the opportunity of Worshipping Sri MoolaRamadevaru. One day the Paathha was in progress under the Gnyanavruksha. Suddenly flood appeared and went on rising and rising. All the students were afraid they rushed to the bank and reached Shivapura. At that time students called their Guru,  but Sri Jitamitrateertharu did not hear as he was immersed in Paathha and Yoga. Sri Jitamitrateertharu was under the tree at the Jitamitragaddi. For a week the flood did not recede.

After seven days the flood receded. All the residents of Shivapura, neighboring villages and the students surprised to see their Guru sitting under the tree, the flood has not at all affected. When they came near and near to the tree Sri Jitamitrateertharu disappeared suddenly. All were worried. At that time an oracle took place  I  AM IN THIS TREE ONLY. DO NOT BUILD BRINDAVANA. This incident happened on the day of  Margashira Bahula Amavasya. From that the Aradhana of Sri Jitamitrateertharu is celebrated to the Gnyanavruksha tree at the Jitamitragaddi. Sri Narasimha Saligrama worshipped by Sri Jitamitrateertharu is also at the Gnyanavruksha of Jitamitragaddi.

Many have seen with their own eyes about the walking of Sri Jitamitrateertharu from the Jitamitragaddi to the Shiva temple of Sangama. When Sri Susheelendrateertharu our 34th. Pontiff visited Jitamitragaddi experienced unusual things. When Swamiji visited the Shiva Temple a Bairaagi came and entered the Garbhaalaya of Shiva Temple. Swamiji waited for the Bairaagi to come out, but did not. When Sri Susheelendrateertharu entered Garbhaalaya, amazed to see that Bairaagi was not at all there.Then Swamiji came to the conclusion and told that the Bairaagi was none but Jitamitrateertharu. Clarified that I am staying here only, owing to the Rudramsharu HE IS CHIRANJEEVI. Even to this day many have experienced this great MIRACLE.

The Charama Shloka of Sri Raghunandanateertharu regarding Sri Jitamitrateertharu is a great record of Maha Mahime.

Sapta Raatram Krishnavenyaam Ushitvaa Punaruthhitam
Jitamitra Gurum Vande Vibudhendra Karodbhavam

For Seven days and nights Sri Jitamitrateertharu was in Krishna and again after Seven days Sri Jitamitrateertharu appeared below the Gnyanavruksha at the Jitamitragaddi. Such a great Yativarya has taken Sanyasa Ashrama by Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. These great personalities played an important role in our Moola Maha Samsthhaana Parampara of our Rayara Mutt Vidya Mutt.

Maha Mahimaru- Punya Chetanaru - Daivamsha Sambhootaru are our Yativarenyas. They have taken the Avatara for our Uddhaara. Manukuloddhara. We are very grateful to our Swamijis.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”