(The teachings of Krishna, the TulaBhara episode)

Date Dec 28, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||


The teachings of Krishna, the TulaBhara episode, and the adherence of Sri Rayara Mutt to Krishna's teachings are elucidated in Mantralaya (1070).


Due to the holiday season, from December 24th onward, Mantralaya has been bustling with people seeking the blessings of Sri Rayaru. Even on regular days, the crowd is substantial, and with it being a holiday now, one can only imagine the increased influx of visitors.

The Pontiff of Mantralaya, Sri SubhudendraTeertharu, has meticulously organized arrangements for the numerous gathered devotees. As highlighted in previous articles, Mantralaya is renowned for Annna Danna, providing free nourishing meals for everyone. Swamiji personally took the initiative to visit the Anna Purna hall and serve the food, setting an example of simplicity and care for people regardless of caste and gender. The Mantralaya Sri Rayara Mutt consistently instills this ethos of caring for true devotion.

To appease Lord Rayaru, you can present anything with sincere devotion. The Lord is willing to accept even a modest Tulasi leaf offered with genuine devotion. Lord Krishna illustrated this through a real-life incident and example during his Tula Bhara.

Let's revisit Krishna's Dwaraka and witness the TulaBhara of Sri Lord Krishna, accompanied by the teachings he shared with us.

The grandeur of Dwaraka was illuminated by the presence of Krishna's numerous wives – Rukmini, Sathyabama, Jambhavathi, and others, diligently attending to their daily tasks, serving Krishna and the extended Yadava clan. Dwaraka's treasuries consistently overflowed with jewels and precious stones.

Sathyabama, the beautiful daughter of King Satrajith, owner of the sacred Syamantaka jewel, possessed a haughty demeanor, proud of her royal lineage and beauty. Despite her professed pure love for Krishna, she harbored jealousy toward Rukmini. In contrast, Rukmini, being the first queen of Dwaraka, epitomized humility and piety. She devoted herself wholeheartedly to Krishna, letting nothing hinder her love and service.

Lord Krishna knew the true love of both Sathyabama and Rukmini. He wanted to correct Sathyabama.

One day, the great sage Narada visited Dwaraka, engaging Sathyabama in a conversation in the courtyard. Narada, with an air of innocence, questioned whether Krishna loved Rukmini more than her, invoking doubt and concern in Sathyabama. Seeking a solution, she implored Narada for guidance.

Sage Narada devised a scheme: Sathyabama would pledge to offer Krishna to him as Dana to Bharamin. To recover Krishna from Narada, she would subsequently trade him for an equivalent weight of riches. If the weighing machine tipped in favor of balance, Krishna would belong to Sathyabama, and Narada would claim all the wealth acquired in the process. Conversely, if the weighing machine didn't balance, Narada would retain possession of the Lord. Aware of Sathyabama's pride in her wealth, Narada observed her confidently embracing the plan.

In a rush, Sathyabama conveyed her vow of Dana to Krishna, and Lord Krishna, playing along, agreed. Consequently, Krishna was handed over to Narada as Brahmin Dana. To reclaim Krishna, a Tula Bhara event was organized.

Large scales were brought forth, with Krishna seated on one side, and Sathyabama tasked with placing boxes of wealth on the other to achieve balance in the weighing machine. Despite Sathyabama stacking box after box of gold, the scales with Krishna exhibited no signs of motion. Narada warned Sathyabama about the potential consequences of failing to achieve equilibrium in the weighing machine. In her desperation, Sathyabama sought help from the other wives, who willingly offered their jewels, but the scales remained unyielding. Throughout the entire episode, Krishna maintained silence.

Situation was out of control and if Sathyabama did balance the weight then she would lose Krishna to Narada.

In his playful manner, Krishna proposed seeking assistance from Rukmini. Humbled and desperate, Sathyabama approached Rukmini, narrating the dire situation. Serene and composed, Rukmini accompanied Sathyabama and, en route to the court, plucked a single Tulasi leaf.

In the hall, Rukmini placed the sacred Tulasi leaf with devotion on the piled wealth, miraculously causing the pan with Krishna to fly up and remain underbalanced. Stunned and humbled, Sathyabama removed all her riches until only the single Tulasi leaf remained, still outweighing Krishna.

Krishna clarified that the significance lay not in the material value of the offering but in the love and devotion that accompanied it. Those who sincerely invoke me with genuine love and devotion will find me by their side.
This lesson marked the end of Sathyabama's ordeal and the beginning of the tradition of offering Tulabharam to the Lord in temples, reminding all that love and devotion supersede the material value of offerings.

The moral of the incident revolves around the idea that the sincerity, love, and devotion with which an offering is made matters more than its material value. Sathyabama, proud of her wealth, was willing to make a grand gesture but lacked the true devotion and humility that Rukmini exhibited with a simple Tulasi leaf. The story teaches that God values the intention and love behind an offering rather than its material worth.

The teachings of Krishna are still upheld at the Mantralaya Rayaru Mutt to this day. Sri Subhudendra Teertharu exemplified these teachings by providing food for all and engaging with every devotee, irrespective of the large gathering. Subhudendra Teertharu treated everyone equally, regardless of their wealth or status. In Rayaru's eyes, only true devotion holds significance.

In the next article, we will explore the Tula Bhara event involving Sri Sushameendra Teertharu.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”