(Teaching of Krishna and Rayar towards the power of Daana - Part2)

Date Nov 2, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Teaching of Krishna and Rayar towards the power of Daana, Donation and Mantralaya contribution to society is described in two parts of Mantralaya(1063). Part 2 of Mantralaya(1062)


During our visit to Mantralaya in 1062, we witnessed the selfless service provided by the Mantralaya Mutt. To appreciate the significance of Daana (donation), we delved into a captivating story set during the time of Mahabharata.

To recap , a Brahmin Priest resided in a picturesque town graced by the daily presence of Lord Krishna and Arjuna. The priest would ascend the hill each day as part of his religious ritual. Arjuna had been observing the priest's daily routine, and after a heartfelt conversation, he understood the priest's hardships. A deep sense of empathy washed over him. One bright morning, as Arjuna stood atop the hill, he confided in Sri Krishna, saying, "I've decided that the priest need not make this arduous trek to the temple anymore. I shall provide him with the means to lead a more comfortable life.

When the priest arrived, Arjuna handed him a substantial bag filled with gleaming golden coins, urging him to live a life of ease from that day forward. Arjuna turned to Sri Krishna, his confidence shining through as he declared, "I have resolved his troubles." Sri Krishna, with his characteristic simplicity, remarked, "The humble priest will return here tomorrow, my friend." Arjuna was taken aback, insisting, "That can't be possible."

The following day, Arjuna returned with renewed confidence and assured Krishna, "As I predicted, the priest will not visit today." However, much to his surprise, the priest once again made his way to the hilltop, wearing a troubled expression.

Arjuna rushed to the priest, inquiring, "What happened? I provided you with a generous amount of gold for the well-being of your future generations. Why have you returned here?"

The priest, with a sad countenance, recounted that on his journey back to the town, he had fallen victim to thieves who had looted him of the precious gold. Arjuna felt a deep sense of sympathy and walked over to Krishna, who was peacefully reclining beneath a tree, observing the natural world.

Arjuna confided in Krishna, saying, "I am determined to resolve the priest's predicament."

Krishna responded calmly, "Consider, Arjuna, that his time has not yet come. Regardless of what you provide, he will surely return here tomorrow."

Arjuna accepted the challenge and handed the priest a valuable ring he had been wearing, a ring worth a fortune. He assured the priest, "This ring may be small, and it will go unnoticed. Safeguard it at your home and sell it whenever you need it."

The priest's face lit up with joy as he received the precious ring, grateful for the unexpected turn of events.

The priest hurried back home, concealing the valuable ring so that no one would notice. Once he arrived at the hut, he looked for his wife but couldn't find her. In search of a secure place to keep the ring, he noticed a metal pot they rarely used. Placing the ring inside, he went off, filled with joy, eager to share the news with his wife.

Unbeknownst to the priest, his wife had gone to fetch water from the river. She filled a mud pot but, while walking halfway home, she slipped, and the pot shattered. She hurried back to get another container as they needed water for their daily chores. This time, she noticed the metal pot they seldom used. Contemplating whether to buy a new mud pot or utilize the metal one to save money, she opted for the metal pot. Once again at the river, she filled the metal pot with water, oblivious to the precious ring hidden inside.

As she collected water, a curious fish grabbed the ring and swallowed it. With a cheerful demeanor, the wife filled the pot with water and began her journey back home. The priest, growing increasingly anxious, had been searching for his wife and, when he saw her, was relieved to find her carrying the very metal pot.

His heart raced as he urged his wife to hurry home. Upon returning, the priest eagerly searched the pot for the ring, but to his despair, it was nowhere to be found. He cried out in anguish, realizing the ring was lost. His wife, with an innocent expression, explained that she had been unaware of its presence.

The following day, Arjuna was taken aback to find the priest's return. The priest rushed to Arjuna, prostrated at his feet, and wept as he explained the unfortunate events that had unfolded. Arjuna, at a loss for words and unsure of what to do next, turned to Sri Krishna with a beseeching expression on his face.

Sri Krishna, with a compassionate gaze upon the priest, comforted him, saying, "Do not worry." Krishna then handed the priest a single coin, the currency of the time, and advised him to return home.

The priest, feeling utterly dejected and believing that even Lord Krishna had abandoned him with just a single coin, thought he no longer deserved to live. He visited a shop with that one coin and asked the shopkeeper for rice. With only that solitary coin, he could only afford a small amount of rice, hardly enough to sustain him. He considered it too insignificant to take back home and made a heart-wrenching decision to end his life.

Walking towards the river, his mind set on taking a drastic step, the priest clutched the rice pot, preparing to throw it into the water before plunging in himself. However, just as he was about to discard the rice, a thought crossed his mind: "Let me first offer this rice to the fish so they can enjoy it."

Kneeling at the water's edge, he extended the rice to the fishes. A multitude of them swarmed to partake in the unexpected feast, swiftly emptying the pot. As he retrieved the pot from the water, to his astonishment, he discovered the ring that one of the fishes had accidentally swallowed. His cry of joy echoed through the air as he held up the ring, realizing he had not only found the ring but also his lost gold.

Unbeknownst to the priest, a group of thieves who had previously looted him were in the vicinity. They mistook the priest's shouts of joy for a call for help, believing they were about to be apprehended. Hastily, they abandoned the bags they had stolen.

Upon arriving at the scene and discovering the gold bag gifted by Arjuna, the priest was overwhelmed with happiness, thanking the Lord for this miraculous turn of events. Meanwhile, Arjuna and Lord Krishna, who had been watching the entire episode from atop the hill, shared in the priest's joy and witnessed the divine intervention in his life.

Arjuna inquired of Lord Krishna about the true events that transpired here. With a smiling countenance, Lord Krishna began to speak to Arjuna. "Arjuna," Lord Krishna intoned, "behold this priest, a man who, in his entire existence, never extended a hand in charity to another soul. His preoccupation was singular, focused solely on the welfare of himself and his kin. Remarkably, though he was a zealous preacher of the virtue of donating and its boundless blessings, he remained a stranger to this very righteousness. Thus, all that you had generously bestowed upon him, Arjuna, slipped through his fingers like sand, as he perpetually carried a heavy burden of negative karma.

However, when he selflessly offered rice to the fish, devoid of any expectation, he accrued an abundance of positive karma, and as a result, regained all that he had lost. It was at that moment that he comprehended the incredible potential of aiding others without any ulterior motives. Henceforth, he has resolved to lead a contented and joyful life."

Arjuna, deeply moved, humbly knelt and touched Lord Krishna's feet, expressing his heartfelt gratitude, "Krishna, you have imparted to me a priceless lesson through a living example, and for that, Lord, I am profoundly thankful."

The concept of selfless donation and charity is deeply ingrained in the philosophy of Sri Raghavendra Teertharu, and this is precisely why the Mantralaya Mutt refrains from any ostentatious publicity regarding their benevolent actions. Their noble endeavors, such as providing food for countless millions, offering free education to children, tending to thousands of cows, and numerous other acts of compassion, are carried out quietly and selflessly, without seeking recognition or acclaim.

Indeed, we are truly blessed to be under the guiding umbrella of Sri Rayaru, whose divine wisdom and teachings bestow upon us these noble principles and serve as a beacon of inspiration for our lives.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”