(Vijaya Dashami celebrations at Mantralaya)

Date Oct 24, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Vijaya Dashami celebrations at Mantralaya is described in Mantralaya(1061)


I am using the content of my Father Sri Raghavendra Patwari about Navaratri from the article Mantralaya(905).

In the sacred town of Mantralaya, the grandeur of the Navaratri celebration is an unforgettable spectacle. From Ashweeja Shukla Pratipada to Vijayadashami, devotees gather to worship our beloved Kulaswami, Lord Tirumala Sri Srinivasa Sri Venkateshwara, round the clock for nine days and nine nights.

Our revered Kulaswami is none other than the guiding deity of Mantralaya, Sri Raghavendrateertharu. It was during the time of Sri Raghavendrateertharu's arrival in Mantralaya that the desire for a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara was kindled in his heart. With unwavering devotion, Rayaru swiftly established the temple and completely surrendered to Sri Srinivasa.One remarkable aspect is that Sri Raghavendrateertharu chose the temple of Sri Venkateshwara for his Chaaturmaasya Deeksha Sankalpa, a profound act of devotion in the presence of Lord Venkateshwara. Rayaru’s spontaneous, heartfelt reverence for Sri Hari throughout his journey is truly astounding.

During the Navaratri festivities, the highlight is the Nandaadeepaaradhana at our Rayaramatha, and within the temple of our cherished Kulaswami Sri Venkateshwara. Nanda refers to lamps or deepas, and Deepaaradhana translates to the act of worshiping or offering reverence to these lamps

Notably, this day coincides with the Jayanti and Vardhanti of our revered Kulaguruvaryenya Sri Madhwaryaru, who continues to serve Sri Hari at Badarikashrama alongside Vedavyasadevaru.Furthermore, Sri Raghavendrateertharu stands as the dearest shishyaru of Sri Madhwaryaru, Sri MannMadhwacharyaru, and Sri Anandateertha Bhagavatpadacharyaru. He played a pivotal role in introducing the profound essence of our sacred granthas to the world, through his Tippani Commentary and Vrutti Vivrutti. The credit for disseminating this invaluable knowledge belongs wholly to our beloved Sri Raghavedrateertharu.

Sri Madhacharyaru is none other than the divine incarnation of Sri Bheemasenaru. It's essential to recognize that Sri Raghavendrateertharu, during his birth as Baahleekarajaru, held a heartfelt desire for the culmination of his avatar, which could only be achieved through the divine presence of Sri Vayudevaravataari, Sri Hanuma, and Sri Bheemasenaru. Baahleekarajaru fervently prayed to Lord Sri Krishna to grant him this divine boon.

As a result of this divine intervention, Sri Raghavendrateertharu not only attained the exalted status of Vipratva but also ascended to the revered state of Paramahamsatva. These extraordinary occurrences were well known to Sri Bheemasenaru, further emphasizing their divine significance and the profound spiritual connection between Sri Raghavendrateertharu and his divine predecessors.

On Vijayadashami, Considering the profound significance of all these auspicious events, Vijayadashami holds paramount importance in our spiritual tradition. Sri Raghavendrateertharu is, without a doubt, the cherished shishyaru (disciple) of Sri MannMadhwacharyaru, signifying the unbroken lineage of knowledge and devotion that has been passed down through the ages.In light of these sacred ideals, the Paramapoojya Peethhaadhipatees of Mantralaya Rayaramatha have established a tradition to celebrate the Annual Day of Vidyapeethhada Sri Gurusarvabhouma Samskruta Mahapaathhashaala on this most auspicious occasion. This tradition pays homage to the direct and unbroken lineage of Sri MannMadhwacharyaru's Moolamahasamsthhaana and the revered Mantralaya Vidyamatha Rayaramatha.

During this momentous celebration, several essential objectives are pursued. These include organizing ceremonies to inspire students for continued dedication to the study of Vadopanshadas, instilling the values and ethics of Sri Anandateerth Bhagavatpadacharyaru in the proper direction, and fostering the holistic development of each individual's personality.

Sri Gurusarvabhouma Paathhashaala is a sacred institution dedicated to nurturing and educating students who have a deep and earnest desire to attain proficiency in the Vedas and Shastras.Our revered Paramahamsa Peethhaadhipati, H.H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu, stands out for his exceptional dedication, compassion, and commitment to sculpting the future of our Vidyapeethha. His meticulous attention has extended to the meticulous supervision of the Vidyapeethha's construction and the provision of well-appointed residential facilities, complete with all essential amenities for our students.Under his benevolent guidance, our students not only receive a high-quality education but also have their daily needs thoughtfully addressed. This includes ensuring their access to nourishing meals, comfortable clothing, and the dishes they desire. Sri Subudhendrateertharu's caring approach ensures that our students can focus on their studies with peace of mind.Upon successful completion of their studies and graduation, each student is gifted a lump sum of money as a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Furthermore, the current Peethhaadhipati of Mantralaya, Sri SubhdendraTeertharu, plays a pivotal role in assisting the students in securing suitable employment opportunities that align with their interests and expertise.In a time where Vedic knowledge is considered highly precious and its preservation is of utmost importance, Sri SubhdendraTeertharu's efforts at Mantralaya serve as a beacon of service, ensuring that these invaluable studies are not only preserved but also passed on to the next generation of scholars.

Sri Moola Ramaarchaa Poojyate Yena Tasmin Vaasam Yanmae Kalpayat Vyasadevaha
Karmandeendraivareva Poojaapiklurptaa Tsmaat Sa Aham Teshu Nityam Vasaami
Tasmaat AngeekrutyaKarmandibhaavam Rajaa Vidyaarajyalaksmya Bhavatvam
No Chellumupe Nitya Vaachaam Vichaaraihi  Saakam Loke Vaishnavaha Sampradaaya

It is with sheer amazement and uncontainable joy that we learn of a remarkable event in the life of Sri Venkatanathacharyaru. In a divine dream, the radiant Sri Vidyalaxmi – Rajyalaxmi herself appeared before him and issued a profound directive—accept Sanyasa. What makes this all the more extraordinary is the fact that Sri Venkataryaru was just 26 years old, in the prime of his youth, and had not only mastered the art of controlling his senses and faculties (JITAVARARU), but also emerged as the sole proficient soul capable of performing the sacred Pooja of SRI MOOLARAMADEVARU.

In intricate detail, Sri Vidyalaxmi elaborated on a divine rule established by Sri VEDAVYASARU. She decreed that her divine presence shall grace the sacred abode where a worthy Paramhamsa or Sanyasi is fervently worshipping Sri MolaRama. She lovingly ordered Sri Venkatanathacharyaru to embrace Sanyasa, assuring him that she would be with him at all times, alongside her manifestations as the Ashtalaxmis.

This assurance of divine companionship is profoundly awe-inspiring and offers great solace to all devotees. It beckons us to contemplate the extraordinary achievements of Sri Venkatanathacharyaru, who triumphed over the tumultuous currents of desire and aversion (RAAGADWESHA), a feat only made possible through the divine grace and teachings of Sri Prahalada, Sri Bahleeka, and Sri Vysarajaru. Indeed, the divine spirit of Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru illuminates our path, and we owe a profound debt of gratitude for this divine revelation.

Sri Vidyalaxmi further emphasized the critical nature of this choice. She cautioned that the very existence of the Madhwa Vaishnava Sampradaaya would be in grave jeopardy if Sri Venkatanataru did not embrace Sanyasa. Such an act could potentially lead to its decline or even ruin. In light of these considerations, and with a profound sense of responsibility and devotion, Madhwamata welcomed the act of Sanyasa by Sri Venkatanathacharyaru.
The eloquent verses of our Dasaryaru in the form of the meticulous shloka "MADHWAMATODDHAARA CHANDRA" aptly describe Mantralaya Rayaru's role as the guardian and upholder of Madhwamata, casting a radiant and guiding light upon our spiritual path.

Vijayadashami is a day of great importance, and the legacy of Sri Raghavendrateertharu, the beloved shishyaru of Sri MannMadhwacharyaru, continues to shine brightly. The celebration of our Vidyapeethha's Annual

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”