(Sri Raghavendra Swamy 352nd Aradhana Special part 3)

Date Sep 14, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Sri Raghavendra Swamy 352nd Aradhana Special part 3 is described in Mantralaya(1055) .


In our previous series, we delved into the profound phenomenon of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's continued blessings upon devotees across the world, as he sits alive in Mantralaya, all made possible by the divine grace of Sri Hari. Furthermore, we were privileged to witness the awe-inspiring presence of Lord Narayan, accompanied by His celestial family and the esteemed saints, right within the hallowed confines of the Madhwa Brindavana. These experiences served as poignant reminders of the undeniable and deeply transformative power of Sri ManNarayana's divine influence.

The grand ceremony of Sri Rayara Aradhane concluded with great splendor in Mantralaya. Sri Rayaru stands as the unique saint whose Aradhane is celebrated in every corner of the world. Indeed, social media platforms were adorned with posts from devotees in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and many other places, each passionately showcasing their devotion during the Aradhana celebration of Sri Rayaru.

In Mantralaya, meticulous arrangements were undertaken to accommodate the countless devotees who gathered throughout the seven-day celebration. Mantralaya is renowned for its unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality divine food, ensuring that those who visit are not only nourished in body but also find solace for their hearts and solutions to their problems. It's worth emphasizing that this tradition of providing free food to everyone, every day, has been faithfully upheld for over a thousand years. When we consider the scope of this noble practice, it becomes apparent that Mantralaya may have extended its benevolent nourishment to a significant portion of the entire population of India many times

Under the leadership of the current Pontiff, Sri SubhudendraTeertharu, Mantralaya has witnessed a remarkable transformation, reaching new heights of spiritual and educational excellence. The addition of a Vedic library, Vedic schools, a Vedic Museum, and numerous facilities for devotees has expanded the offerings at Mantralaya.What's truly commendable is that most of these facilities are provided free of charge, ensuring accessibility to all. It is heartening to see that even children as young as six years old have been granted admission to these Vedic schools, where they receive a comprehensive education without incurring any expenses. These young students are growing up to lead dignified lives and are actively spreading the nectar of Vedic wisdom to the world, embodying the spirit of knowledge sharing and spiritual growth.

I'd like to share a divine and enchanting incident that my father, Sri Raghvendra Patwari, used to narrate about Sri Rayaru and the Aradhana.

Over a century had passed since Sri Raghavendra Teertharu entered Brindavana, and in the vibrant 18th century, there emerged a devoted soul known as Surpur Sri Ananda Dasaru. He was renowned for his deep devotion to Sri Raghavendrateertharu and for composing numerous heartfelt hymns in praise of Sri Rayaru., Sri AnandaDasaru undertook an extended period of spiritual observance at the serene abode of Sri Panchasmukhi Devaru in Ganadhaal. Tungabhadra River connects Panchamukhi Ganadhaal to Mantralaya and Bihcali. As AnandaDasaru immersed himself in this sacred practice, a sudden realization dawned upon him: tomorrow marked Shraavana Krishna Paksha Dwiteeya, the auspicious day of Sri Raghavendrateertharu's Aradhana , and Dasaru fervently wished to be in Mantralaya to partake in the festivities.

Driven by this intense longing, AnandaDasaru decided to make the journey across the formidable Tungabhadra River to reach Mantralaya. However, when he arrived at the river's edge, he was met with a daunting sight—the Tungabhadra was in a state of tumultuous overflow, its waters raging with force. Despite the hazardous conditions, AnandaDasaru beseeched the boatman to ferry him to Mantralaya. However, the boatman, fearing the spate and the mighty currents, hesitated to row the boat. AnandaDasaru persisted, passionately pleading with the boatman, emphasizing the urgency of his pilgrimage to witness Sri Rayaru's Aradhana in Mantralaya. After considerable cajoling, the boatman reluctantly pushed the boat into the river.

Yet, as they ventured into the treacherous waters, the boat began to take on water, despite the boatman's valiant attempts to bail it out. AnandaDasaru, resigned to his fate, realized that this perilous journey might mark the end of his life. However, his unwavering determination to participate in Rayara Aradhana held steadfast even in the face of such adversity. Closing his eyes, he began chanting Bichali Sri Appanacharya’s Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra:
"Dhyaanaaaraadhan Mruttvilepana Mukhanekopachaaran Sada". As Bichali Appanacharya had prescribed in the Gurustotra, AnandaDasaru surrendered his heart, body, and mind completely to Sri Raghavendrateertharu with unwavering devotion.At that pivotal moment, two ascetic Brahmins, clad simply in loincloths, miraculously appeared on the scene. They deftly secured a rope to the boat, crossed to the opposite bank of the river, and began to pull the boat with extraordinary strength. AnandaDasaru was astounded by this unexpected turn of events, for it seemed as though they were witnessing a divine intervention amidst what appeared to be a catastrophic flood.With their timely assistance, the boat was safely guided to the shores of Mantralaya.

Overwhelmed by gratitude, AnandaDasaru eagerly inquired about the identities of these benevolent Brahmins and expressed his heartfelt thanks for saving their lives.In response, the two Brahmins introduced themselves as Raghappa and Vaadappa, their faces radiating divine serenity. They joyfully informed AnandaDasaru that many enlightened souls had congregated in Mantralaya, including Sri Ibharamapura’s Appa and numerous Gnyanis (wise beings). They urged AnandaDasaru to proceed immediately to the Mutt and then vanished from sight.

As AnandaDasaru made his way toward Mantralaya Mutt, he was struck by the realization that these two Brahmins were none other than the divine saints of Sri Mantralaya, Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Sri Vadeendrateertharu. The enormity of the sacrifice made by Sri Sri Rayaru to save the life of a devoted soul like him left AnandaDasaru profoundly moved. Tears of gratitude streamed down his cheeks, blurring his vision, but he managed to find his way to the hallowed threshold of the Mutt.

There, Sri AnandaDasaru received a warm welcome from Ibharampura’s Appa, who greeted him with a knowing smile. "Oh, Dasare," Ibharampura Appa said, "you have been saved from the treacherous waters of the Tungabhadra. My Lord and Guru, Sri RaghavendraTeertharu, and Sri Vadeendrateertharu themselves came to your rescue." Aparoksha Gnyani Ibharamapura’s Appa possessed a deep understanding of Sri Rayaru's profound compassion and was intimately acquainted with all of Rayaru's divine deeds, akin to our beloved Bichali Sri Appanacharya.
Upon hearing this confirmation from Ibharampura Appa that Sri RaghavendraTeertharu and Sri Vadeendrateertharu had personally intervened to save him, Sri AnandaDasaru stood by Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's Brindavana, tears welling up in his eyes, overwhelmed with gratitude for Rayaru's boundless compassion.

My father Sri Raghvendra Patwari would often say to me that when all doors seem closed, there is always one door that remains open—the divine abode of Mantralaya Sri RaghavendraTeertharu

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”